5 Signs of Impending Ovulation

If a woman takes the time to get familiar with her body and the natural signals that it sends to her, she has a very good chance of being able to detect her most fertile time each and every cycle, and can properly time intercourse increasing her chances of pregnancy.

1. Changes in cervical fluid.

The first big sign of impending ovulation is the change in a woman’s cervical fluid from dry or creamy to wet, stretchy, and clear or nearly clear. The more stretch it has, the more fertile a woman is and the closer ovulation is. What a woman is looking for is cervical fluid that resembles egg whites.

2. Mid-cycle spotting.

Some women will experience the occasional mid-cycle spotting. This can be nothing more than a slight pinkish tinge to her cervical fluid, to spotting that can require the use of a pantie liner for a day. This usually is noticed at the time of ovulation and is caused by the release of the egg. If this is seen, don’t miss your opportunity – this is your most fertile time.

3. Mittelschmerz or ovulation cramping.

Some women may also notice mild to moderate mid-cycle cramping, usually on only one side, which is known as Mittelschmerz. This cramping is the result of the ovum being released by the ovary and can last anywhere from several minutes to several hours. Again, this should be seen as a sign that you are very fertile, and that your chances of conceiving are increased.

4. Increased sexual desire.

It may sound like a myth, but there are women that do notice an increase in their sexual desire as ovulation nears. Don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you at this time. You and your partner should take advantage of this increase in desire.

5. Cervical position.

This last sign can be a little bit difficult to understand, and you cannot be squeamish as you will need to do an internal check to find out what your cervical position is. It may not be obvious the first few times that you check, but do not get discouraged. When a women is at her most fertile time her cervix will “SHOW” it. SHOW stands for Soft, High, Open, Wet – the cervix will feel soft, be harder to reach, will be open in the center, and there will be wet cervical fluid.

Most women will have two or three of the above signs, and a few will have four or all five signs. By getting to know the signs that your body gives you, you will be better able to time intercourse and increase your chances of conceiving quickly.

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